Socialize & Share Rewards


every bite gets you closer to sharing free rewards ...

As a Socialize & Share Rewards member, you will receive 1 point for every $1 spent at the Italian Table. Points can be redeemed at all point levels. 

Creating an Account

All it takes is a cell phone number to join. On your next visit, we will ask if you have joined or would like to. We  enter the number in our system, you will receive a text with sign up information.  For iPhone users, you can store your account in your Wallet app. For Android and mobile devices, go to enter your phone number associated with your account

Collecting Points

On every visit, we either scan your QR code or enter the cell phone number you signed up with and your entire bill will add points to your account. Track your points as you go and see what reward awaits.


Collect points and redeem when you want. Here is what we offer:

250 points - Socialize & Share Dessert

500 points - Traditional Antipasti Board

750 points - Lunch for 2 

1000 points - Socialize & Share for 2

2000 points - Socialize & Share for 4